Why to Hire an Accountant for a Small Business?

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Why to hire an accountant for a small business? 

Running your small business with a keen eye for growth? At Krishnan & Sullivan LLP, we know how pertinent proper cashflow management and accurate financial projections are to a successful company. If you’re looking to minimize risk of messy balance sheets, incorrect year-end statements and stressful tax filings – we offer small business accountant services that allow you to worry less, and focus on your next business goal instead.           

Like any small business owner trying to strategically budget and invest their money, you might be wondering when you should hire an accountant for small business. Here’s a few instances where it’s smart to consider one:

You Need Help Writing a Business Plan

Get financial advice and number-crunching knowhow from the start. If you involve an accountant in writing your business plan early on, it ensures your finances are best allocated, and could save you time and money compared to hiring one later.

You Need Help with Finances

If you feel like you’re barely keeping afloat, and making sure key business metrics like ratio of salaries vs total revenue is accurate isn’t your forte, hiring an accountant for small business is an ideal solution.

You Need to Deal with Government

Government paperwork can have many rules and regulations. Working with an accountant means you’ll file taxes, while minimizing liabilities and impact on profits. This also means any annual statement of accounts, stock allocation and handling of employee tax codes and payments will be done accurately.

Services We Offer

Popular small business accountant services include:

  • General bookkeeping and cleanup
  • Cashflow management
  • Business advisory services
  • Writing a business plan
  • Strategic tax planning and compliance
  • Financial statement preparation

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