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Tax Planning Services | Krishnan & Sullivan LLP

Accurate tax planning for your company can assure you’re making choices that make the most financial sense while following tax regulations. At Krishnan & Sullivan LLP, our team are seasoned experts in the ever-changing maze of tax laws and offer tax planning techniques that help lower tax liabilities.

As your trusted advisor, we’ll go through how your business could be impacted by tax laws and whether you’re an incorporated, small or mid-sized company, we take proactive measures to develop tax plans that minimize impact to profits. Areas we specialize in include:


Multi-Province Tax Planning

We are experienced tax accountants that work with tax laws across multiple provinces. Not only can we find ways to minimize taxes, but we do so while ensuring your business stays in compliance with both federal and provincial tax regulations.

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning

We help create alternative minimum tax plans for companies that need assistance dealing with the necessary paperwork to determine if you owe Alternative Minimum Tax – tax that restricts the tax benefits derived from tax preference items such as: approved capital gains, investment tax credits and tax shelters.

Additional Corporate Tax Planning Areas

Krishnan & Sullivan LLP understands that running a successful company involves having a solid tax strategy. We’ll keep you up-to-date on latest rules and regulations and provide seasoned tax advice in areas of:

  • Sales, capital, property, transfer, custom duties, GST taxes
  • Identifying opportunities for your business to minimize tax
  • Real estate tax planning
  • Tax reporting for partnerships
  • Preparing corporate income tax returns and instalments
  • Small business tax advice
  • Taxation of executives

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